Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases you just need to adjust the tilt angle of the receiver. Refer to step #9 in the alignment guide. You can view and download the alignment guide from the Manuals & Guides tab. You can also view the alignment guide when at the machine via the HMI. Simply press the MENU > GUIDES then select the ALIGNMENT GUIDE.

The system has two TRAY modes that can be selected when bending parts with a side flange. On the user panel press the MODE SELECT button then press the GUARD MODE button to select TRAY1 or TRAY2 mode. Refer to the Operator Manual under the Manuals & Guides tab for more details on how these modes work.

Open the tools so the laser is clear. On the user panel press the MUTE RESET button. The MUTE RESET indicator will flash green a few times while the mute point is cleared and the message SET MUTE POINT - PRESS FOOT PEDAL is displayed. Place a flat piece of material on the die then press the foot pedal. The tools will close then stop automatically when the laser detects the material. Release the pedal and press the SET button to confirm the new mute point.

On the HMI press GUARD MODE > BACK GAUGE. This will turn on back gauge mode and you will see the back gauge symbol appear on the screen. The system will automatically blank the rear sensor just above the back gauge fingers to prevent any unnecessary stops during the bend cycle.

When working with wavy material, the laser could become blocked by the material which will cause the machine to stop. Pressing the foot pedal again will mute the sensors and allow the bend to be completed in safe speed. If most of your bending is with wavy material, then you can manually increase the mute height to allow for the material height so you can bend without stopping. On the HMI press MENU > SUPERVISOR MENU then enter your supervisor access code. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to MUTE OFF-SET DISTANCE then press ENTER. You can then adjust to the desired height. Press ENTER to save then exit the menu. Be aware that the monitored speed change point will increase according to the increased mute off-set distance, so on some machines you may also need to increase the speed change value in the CNC. Refer to the Operator Manual under the Manuals & Guides tab for more details.







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