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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can. Please send a few photos to help identify which model and version you have and we will email you all the related user manuals and alignment guides. Contact our support team at

OEM embedded systems are tailored to suit each manufacturer and custom integrated into the machine design. Functions, features, set-up and operation of the system will vary from one manufacturer to the next. For user guides and manuals you will need to contact the press brake manufacturer or your machinery dealer for the information specific to your machine make and model.

No. Embedded Lazer Safe systems contain hardware and/or software that is proprietary to the press brake manufacturer. Please contact the press brake manufacturer or your machinery dealer to order replacement parts.

The majority of press brake manufacturers provide a high level of support to their end user customers, however in the unlikely event you experience difficulty obtaining support from the manufacturer then please contact us. We will refer your support request to the manufacturer or assist you directly where appropriate.

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